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A Prosperous life is a goal that we believe all people worldwide have an innate desire to obtain. However, true prosperity cannot be found in an unhealthy body. To be prosperous, you MUST first be on the path to better health so you may enjoy the prosperity you create for yourself. Through our innovative, health oriented Associate business model, you can find the nutritional products you need and through our compensation plans, obtain the ultimate goal of financial prosperity and self-sufficiency.

GoFim Products Sold Exclusively through our Distributors, through the referral of you, our Distributor.



The Birth of GOFIM Compensation Plan

Our team adopted a ‘walk through’ problem solving method by analysing the steps and rationale in the creation of the various plans in the market. Through this method, we have identified pockets of weaknesses (and opportunities as well) and subsequently designed the GOFIM Compensation Plan which we strongly believe has the ultimate answers in addressing the weaknesses and sustainability issues of existing plans in the market.

We are very confident that GOFIM and its Compensation Plan will take the MLM Industry by storm and we aspire to be the leading and sustainable MLM company in the industry within short timeframe.


You Are Our Building Blocks

Your energy and desire for success will fuel the GOFIM Compensation Plan. We welcome you to join us irrespective of whether you are a student, professional, businessman, employed or unemployed or even our competitors to share and have a thorough discussion on our unique ‘GOFIM Compensation Plan’.

We will let you decide on how unique our plan is.


> 50% of Sales – Back to our Distributors

More than 50% of all sales of GoFim products are paid as commissions and bonuses to our Distributors by way of the GoFim Compensation Plan. GoFim is a unique company with a powerful compensation plan that offers you an immediate income while you are building a residual income to reach financial freedom. We have designed one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the industry to reward our Distributor. People from all walks of life can take advantage of this great opportunity; whether they choose to do it spare-time, part-time, or full-time. Our trademarked Compensation Plan is unique, simple and powerful.

 Compensation Plan

  1. Retailing Product: Purchase products to resell, either in packs or individually, and earn a suggested 25 percent markup.
  2. Performance Bonus: One of the key leading success of GoFim Compensation Plan; The deeper it is, The higher Percentage Commission it pays up to 3 Generation (1st Generation 5%, 2nd Generation 10% and 3rd Generation 15%)
  3. Ruby Leadership Bonus: To award the New Leadership of GoFim Compensation Plan. All the Ruby may shared a 2% worldwide sales.
  4. Leadership Bonus: This plan allows you to multiply your earnings as your organization grows. Think of that! The wider and deeper your organization, the bigger of your commission up to 8 generations down.
  5. Yearly Profit Sharing: A pool of 3% of the entire company worldwide sales is put aside every month. This amount is then divided up among each team member who has shown significant growth in their own Position and Ranking .