About Us


MLM Industry – Growing or Dying?

Prior to the founding of  GOFIM, a group of close friends consisting of qualified Certified Financial Analyst, Actuarists, Accountants, seasoned businessmen, MLM Consultant and Nutritionist pondered and deliberated on the viability and sustainability of current MLM plans in the local scenario  as it had come to their knowledge that there is a considerable  interests of the community in MLM, especially for those who wish to obtain an alternate  source of income and those who strive towards financial freedom. Through extensive research and analysis of the various MLM compensation plans available in the market, we found that there are a lot of weaknesses and sustainability issues which are detrimental to Distributors in the long term and this has posed as a deterrent for potential Distributors in joining the MLM. Those plans include the ‘famous’ or ‘well known’ Binary, Stairstep or Matrix, to quote a few.

We strongly believe the MLM Industry is growing and will continue to grow  BUT there is a strong need for a sustainable and profitable MLM plan to support a viable business model for Distributors.


GOFIM – Who are We?

The name of our company is new.
The products of our company are new.
Our GOFIM Compensation Plan is new.
… and it’s all new for good reasons.

GOFIM was eventually founded formally in October 2012 with the mission to promote beauty, health and wellness through clean, safe, effective and environmentally friendly alternative to mass produced products. Our flagship products will benefit both retail users and Distributors through a unique ‘GOFIM Compensation Plan’. GOFIM officially commenced its operations on 5 April 2013 after obtaining the direct selling license from the Malaysia authority.

The operations of GOFIM is lead by the CEO, Mr Lee Thiam Beng who ise working closely with our research team since the beginning. His extensive experience and aggressiveness in the MLM industry for more than 20 years has contributed to the success of our research team. Capitalising on his vast experience in the industry, he now oversees the Company’s Sales, Marketing and Sponsoring functions.